We had had our usual weekly Engineering Meeting yesterday. Some slides, a couple of charts, some spreadsheet pages, and a bunch of folks arguing. Nothing exciting, although it was pretty cool for random attendees to change the slides and spreadsheet in real time, and to put post-its on them.

As usual, our weekly meeting was in-world. No one commented about the technology. No one commented about the fact that the meeting was lead by a manager away at MIT, some engineers were in Maryland and Oregon, and some folks were at home saving gas rather than in the office. Boring.

Pretty cool, no?

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  1. Dave says:

    Sweet! Have any problems with dress code? Any anteaters or aliens attend? According to Sushi K from Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash”,
    “My hair is big as a galaxy
    Cause I attain greater technology.”

  2. Stearns says:

    Funny you should ask. It did turn out that some mucky-mucks dropped by, being conducted on a tour of our virtual offices. Kind of the same thing. Something like Mr. Lee’s offices maybe?

    We’re not at the point of having gargoyles yet, though.

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